Box Office: ‘The Lego Movie’ Stays on Top; ‘About Last Night’ Takes Second Spot

By Will Ashton


Remaining the reigning champ, The Lego Movie took its second weekend as the number one movie and pulled in $48.8 million, making its domestic total $129.1 thus far.

Meanwhile, About Last Night pulled in the most of the new Valentine’s Day weekend movies, making a respectable $27 million. With a budget of $12.5 million, it looks like Kevin Hart has another hit on his hands.

As for the rest of the newcomers, Robocop came in third with $21.5 million, which —with its Wednesday opening — makes its domestic total $26.4 million thus far. Not terrible, but with a price tag of $100 million, it still has a little ways to go before it can celebrate.

Also opening with OK numbers is Endless Love, with came in fifth with $13.3 million. I don’t know the budget of this one, but — having seen the film — I can confidently say it shouldn’t have cost too much to produce.

The biggest loser of the newbies, then, should be Winter’s Tale. Coming in seventh place with just $7.7 million, and a budget of $46 million, it looks like this one is going to be a flop. Though it’s not impossible for this movie to make back its budget.

Coming out next weekend is 3 Days to Kill and Pompeii, with The Wind Rises expanding. Stay tuned to see who ends up on top this time a week later.

Check out the full box office below:

Weekend:                                       Domestic Total:

1. The Lego Movie                                        $48.8 million                                   $129.1 million

2. About Last Night                                       $27 million                                      $27 million

3. Robocop                                                    $21. 5 million                                  $26.4 million

4. The Monuments Men                                $15 million                                      $43.6 million

5. Endless Love                                             $13.3 million                                   $13.3 million

6. Ride Along                                                 $8.7 million                                     $116.3 million

7. Winter’s Tale                                              $7.7 million                                     $7.7 million

8. Frozen                                                        $5.8 million                                     $376 million

9. Lone Survivor                                            $4 million                                         $118.4 million

10. That Awkward Moment                        $3.3 million                                      $21.4 million


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