Top 5 Episodes of Community Season 5

By Will Ashton


Although it was definitely better than the last Harmon-less season, this newest season of Community didn’t quite live up the greatness that was earned in the second and third seasons. That said, though, this season, which fell somewhere between pretty good and good, still had its bright spots, and even a couple great episodes. Below, I discuss the newest season of the meta NBC sitcom.

Honorable Mention: Basic Story

5. Bondage and Beta Male Sexuality

Directed by Tristram Shapeero

After the show was finally figuring out its groove again, that is when Dan Harmon’s show finally was able to return back to its whip-smart mentality. Although this episode isn’t quite as memorable as some of the episodes to follow, this episode was a shining example of the show’s return-to-form. With some clever banter between Jeff and Duncan, along with a solid re-understanding of the characters, this episode represented the show returning back to its peak. Even if this episode, in particular, didn’t quite reach that glory.

4. Basic Sandwich

Directed by Rob Schrab

Although not quite as great as the season finales of the past, this is certainly better than the rehash that was the season 4 finale, and featured some of the most consistently funny one-liners that the show has had this season. Whether it was Dean being his usual hilarious self, or Abed being perhaps a little too meta for his own good (seriously, guys, calm it down with the meta stuff. It’s getting too on-the-nose now), this episode didn’t quite have all the heart, but it certainly had the laughs.

3. G.I. Jeff

Directed by Rob Schrab

As far as gimmick episodes go, this was a pretty darn good one. Although not quite at the same level of, say, “Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas”—which this episode serves as the spiritual sequel to—it has a lot of fun with the format, and makes sure to get good mileage out of its comedy potential. The animation is good, the writing is strong, and the cast, even in animation form, still have a good repertoire together. It is, altogether, a fun 21 minutes.

2. Geothermal Escapism

Directed by Joe Russo

As much fun as the past mentioned episodes were, this is really where the show started to get its heart back. In addition to being as funny as before, this metaphoric episode, once again, continues to develop the relationship of Abed and Troy, while continuing to make sure that the rest of the cast gets time to shine. And, with a ending as bittersweet and touching as this one, it’s hard to imagine a better episode this season. Until you remember the episode before it.

1. Cooperative Polygraphy

Directed by Tristram Shapeero

Which was this one. While this season had its ups-and-downs, this was the episode that really, truly got it right. Funny, touching, smart and beautifully conceived, this episode is right up there with the best episodes of the first three seasons, and was the only real episode to get back to the charm that was found in the earlier seasons of the show. This was the truly great episode of season 5.


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