Top 5 Episodes of ‘Review’ Season 1

By Will Ashton


Although Comedy Central has been producing better and better original content of late, Andy Daly’s Review is among the best new shows the station has put on in some time.

Through intelligently crafted story-lines and a refreshing tab of dark comedy, Daly’s show not only lets its star propel to his fullest potential, but demonstrates a sense of skill that, should the show get a second season, can certainly blossom into an even more intelligent and punchy show.

It is up in the air as to whether the show will get a second season. But, for now, let’s look at what was season’s one best five episodes.

HM: Pancakes; Divorce; Pancakes

5. Quitting; Last Day; Irish

Directed by Jeffrey Blitz

In the show’s season (series?) finale, the show didn’t quite produce its most hilarious episode to date. But through its extremely well-conceived final ten minutes, the episode was not only able to redeem itself, but produce some of its finest comedic and dramatic moments. Not only was this episode finally able to address some hanging questions that have been in the show’s spine since its conception, but it was also able to address its sense of morality in a way that can truthfully push the show in a unique direction—should they come back at all. If they don’t, then this is certainly a fine way to wrap up everything that happened in this season and series.

4. Stealing; Addiction; Prom

Directed by Jeffrey Blitz

Moving from the last episode of the season to the first, although the show wasn’t completely aware of itself in its pilot, it still was able to create some of its funniest moments. Particularly, in the show’s middle, where the host has to come down from being addicted to cocaine—a joke that pays itself off handsomely throughout the season. Additionally, this is the episode that teased what the show would eventually become, and demonstrated what a funny character Forrest could be.

3. Road Rage; Orgy

Directed by Jeffrey Blitz

As the show was begin to get repetitive, it’s decision to get bolder and riskier in its decision making was ultimately the show’s most fruitful ideas. This episode, in particular, demonstrates the good risks the show was able to take this season, and hopefully shows a glimpse at what the show will offer in any future episodes it may or may not get. As we, the audience, have finally grown to understand that this show has consequences for Forrest, this episode’s greatest contribution is showing how the actions of this show affect others—something that should have developed more this season but truthfully did not.

2. Best Friend; Space

Directed by Jeffrey Blitz

Undoubtedly, this is the season’s darkest episode. But, also, it is without a doubt one of its funniest too. Although the beginning segment is fun, it is truthfully the episode’s second half that sores, both figuratively and literally. In addition to including a more prominent role for Fred Willard, this episode has what will probably be the best use of Lance Bass in the history of anything ever. He is surprisingly quite good at comedy, at least here, and gets some of the episode’s best laughs. In addition to being one of the season’s best written episodes, this is also one of this season’s most decidedly vicious as well. Thank God.

1. Making a Sex Tape; Being a Racist; Hunting

Directed by Jeffrey Blitz

Although there a number of solid episodes this season, this is the one, in my opinion, that really got the show right. Particularly, its middle segment, with Forrest trying to become a racist, is not only the show’s funniest segment, but it also it one of the funniest I have seen on television in some time. But beyond this, however, there are a variety of great moments here that make the show shine, as well as show that this is a program that should be looked out for.


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