Paul Feig being courted for a now female-centric ‘Ghostbusters 3’


By Will Ashton

Much like the ghosts themselves, Ghostbusters 3 is a project that simply refuses to lay low and rest. It has pretty much become a ritual at this point for Dan Aykroyd to announce to reporters that the sequel is just a year or two away, yet nothing seems to have happened.

Regardless, if this latest news reports are to be believed, Aykroyd may actually be getting his way soon, as Paul Feig (Bridesmaids, The Heat) is being courted to direct the sequel. And—get this—the movie may not have a more female-centric plotline. Because, of course. It’s Feig.

As The Hollywood Reporter reveals, Feig is being seriously considered for the job, and apparently has already had meetings with Sony about the movie. As the frontrunner now, the movie is also supposed to be reworked as a reboot with females in the lead.

At one point in time, Ivan Reitman, the director who made the first two Ghostbusters movies, was going to make the movie. But, after the passing of cast member Harold Ramis, Reitman stepped down from director to producer. There were rumors that Phil Lord and Chris Miller were optioned to direct the movie, after their great financial success with 21 and 22 Jump Street, but it is still unclear if they were ever truly approached. As different people continue to say different things.

The original script came from Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg. But with Ramis passing and other factors, their writing will not be used in its original form. Aykroyd, of course, will be involved, but Bill Murray will not. At least, not at this point and time.

One way or the other, more details will be released in due time. There were also reports that Max Landis (Chronicle) was writing the script, but those ended up not being true. At the moment, Feig is in post-production on Spy, an action-comedy starring—you guessed it—Melissa McCarthy.


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