‘School of Rock’ is becoming a TV series on Nickelodeon in 2015


By Will Ashton
While Richard Linklater’s newest movie Boyhood is earning accolades left and right from critics and audiences alike as it slowly creeks into theaters across the country, it appears that another Linklater favorite is coming back. If on the small screen.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Nickelodeon has just given a straight-to-series order for a live-action School of Rock TV series. The new thirteen-episode season will have Linklater and mega-producer Scott Rudin executive producing, with Jim and Steve Armogida writing the program. While casting has yet to go underway, filming is set to begin this fall, with a spring 2015 premiere in place.

Details are limited other than that at this point.

My Nickelodeon days have long passed by now. The only time I even catch a glance of the station is if a Spongebob re-run is happening or if one of my sisters has the station on the TV. That said, if Linklater is involved, I am definitely curious to see what comes of this. I doubt that it will be anywhere near as fun and heartfelt as the original movie, but if he is involved, maybe some of the original’s magic will be seen. Maybe.


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